Master in Shell Scripting

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Ranjit Swain


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What is Shell Scripting?

A shell script is a computer program designed to be run by a Unix shell, a command-line interpreter which executes sequentially one after another.

Shell scripts provide an easy way to carry out tedious commands, large or complicated sequences of commands, and routine tasks.


Why Shell Scripting?


Shell scripting is primarily used to automate repetitive system tasks, such as backing up files, monitoring system resources, and managing user accounts. By turning a series of commands into a script, system administrators can save time, increase accuracy, and simplify complex tasks.


    What is Linux?

    Linux Architecture.

    Advantages of Linux.

    File & Directory Management

    File Permission .

    Understanding Environment

    User Management

    Handling Processes

    Regular Expression


    Terraform with AWS

    Find files or, directories.

    sed/awk basics

    CPU & Disk management

    Remote state

    cpio, tar, zip

    I/O redirection

    Networking Commands

    What is Scripting?

    Understanding Shell

    Shell Variables

    Shell Parameters

    Special variables .

    Sourcing a file

    Shell Loops

    Decision Making

    Shell Functions


    Shell Substitution

    Sending Email

    Command Line Argument

    Real-time script writing


Shell Scripting Syllabus

What you will get from this course?

    Interactive classrooms

    10+ Realtime Projects.

    Complete hands-on training.

    Lifetime access to the recorded sessions.

    Interview preparations.

    After job placement assistance.

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