Zero to Hero in Jenkins

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Ranjit Swain


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What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open-source solution comprising an automation server to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), automating the various stages of software development such as build, test, and deployment. 


Why Jenkins?


Jenkins is a widely used program with over 300,000 installations worldwide and rising daily. Software firms may speed up their software development process by adopting Jenkins, which can automate test and build at a high pace. It’s a server-based application that necessitates using a web server such as Apache Tomcat.

Jenkins dramatically improves the efficiency of the development process. For example, a command prompt code may be converted into a GUI button click using Jenkins.

It has a collection of plugins that make integrating and implementing continuous integration and delivery pipelines a breeze.

What is CI/CD ?

CI/CD is a method to frequently deliver apps to customers by introducing automation into the stages of app development.

The main concepts attributed to CI/CD are continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment.

Jenkins Syllabus

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