Be a Captain of Docker

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Ranjit Swain


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What is Docker?

Docker is a platform used to containerize your software, using which you can easily build your application, package them with the dependencies required for your application into the container and further, these containers are easily shipped to run on other machines.

Docker is simplifying the DevOps methodology by allowing developers to create templates called images using which, you can create these lightweight virtual machines called as Containers


Why Docker?


Docker is making things easier for software industries giving them the capability to automate the infrastructure, isolate the applications, maintaining consistency and improving the resource utilization.


    What is Containerization?

    Introduction & brief discussion on Docker.

    Discussion on Continuous Deployment.

    Docker Installation.

    Working with all docker CLI. .

    Docker networks.

    Data persistent (Docker volumes)

    Understanding on docker Hub and storing your own image.

    Writing Dockerfile & Building your own image.

    Setup multiple containers using Docker-compose.

    Docker integration with Jenkins.

    Deploy a live project into container.

    Managing & troubleshooting containers

    Interview questions discussion.


Docker Syllabus

What you will get from this course?

    Interactive classrooms

    4+ Realtime Projects.

    Complete hands-on training.

    Lifetime access to the recorded sessions.

    Interview preparations.

    After job placement assistance.

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