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Ranjit Swain


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What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source platform used for automation, helping with various operations such as configuration management, application deployment, task automation as well as IT Orchestration.

It’s easy to setup, efficient, reliable and powerful.  It’s free and runs on Linux, Mac or BSD.


Why Ansible ?


Let’s consider a case where a system admin is responsible for handling the company’s infrastructure.

There are 7 servers out of which, 4 servers are acting as Web Servers, 2 servers as Database Servers and 1 as Load balancer.  Further, you want to install Tomcat on web servers and MySQL on Database servers and Nginx as load balancer in Load balancer server.

In traditional method where system admin will have to manage the servers manually, install the required software, will have to change the configurations along with administer the services on each server individually.

This is where ansible comes to the rescue!


    Introduction & brief discussion on Ansible.

    Discussion on configuration management & Continuous Deployment.

    Installation & setup.

    Pre-requisites and dependencies installation.

    Control & Node Machine setup (On Cloud). .

    Understanding Inventory and working on it.

    Writing & execution of Playbook.

    Discussion on all ansible modules.

    Task & Role based execution.

    Working with Windows machine.

    Working with Ansible vault.

    Complete live project (Provisioning machine, configuring infrastructure and deploying application).

    Interview questions discussion.


Ansible Syllabus

What you will get from this course?

    Interactive classrooms

    3+ Realtime Projects.

    Complete hands-on training.

    Lifetime access to the recorded sessions.

    Interview preparations.

    After job placement assistance.

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