Application Support & Maintenance

Analyzing recurring issues to identify the root cause and implementing

long-term solutions to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Why to Choose us

At Marliblue Technologies, we understand that the success of your business depends on the reliability and performance of your software applications. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive application support to ensure your systems run smoothly and efficiently. Our services include:

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Round-the-clock monitoring to detect and resolve issues before they impact your operations.

Incident Management

Swift resolution of any technical problems to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity.

User Assistance

Support for end-users to troubleshoot and resolve application-related issues quickly.

Responding to and resolving incidents reported by users or identified through monitoring. This includes addressing issues such as bugs, errors, and system crashes.

Managing changes to the application, including updates, patches, and enhancements. This involves assessing the impact of changes, planning, testing, and deploying updates in a controlled manner.Ensuring the integrity and availability of data. This includes regular backups, data recovery planning, and addressing data-related issues.

Features & Overviews

  • Monitoring the performance

    Optimizing code and configurations to ensure optimal performance.

  • Implementing security patches

    Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments are essential.

  • Ensuring the integrity and availability

    his includes regular backups, data recovery planning, and addressing data-related issues.

  • Providing ongoing support

    Addressing queries, and conducting training sessions to help users make the most of the application.

  • Maintaining up-to-date documentation

    This aids in knowledge transfer and onboarding new team members.

  • Proactively identifying opportunities

    This can involve feedback loops from users and regular retrospectives.

  • Managing the costs

    Associated with support and maintenance activities, optimizing resources, and ensuring efficient use of budgets

  • Implementing monitoring tools

    Generating reports on key performance indicators and usage patterns.